TNA 2012 Maximum Impact Tour IV

On January 26th the stars of Impact Wrestling will be arriving on British shores for their annual tour of the UK and this year for the first time ever will be filming Impact Wrestling outside of the US and we here at Canned Heat can't wait!

From Sting's last ever UK appearance to Hulk Hogan's first in 18 years, World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode, The Phenomenal A.J Styles and X Division Champion Austin Aries there is something for everybody and a hell of a lot of talent on show!
Despite the list of talent above I have heard a number of complaints from fans that Jeff Hardy and RVD will not be on the shows, I'm not to sure why RVD has been excluded but I imagine it's allowing his storyline injury to pay off along with the rumour he is keen to head back to WWE and Hardy to my knowledge isn't allowed to leave the US due to the result of his drugs conviction. As big a draw as both athletes are that shouldn't deter fans from going to see the show; you don't buy a PPV for just one match so enjoy what other talents are on the card.

Impact Wrestling

The final date of the tour is now the date gathering the most attention, not only is it in the capital at Wembley but now it has been announced that Impact Wrestling will be filmed outside of the US for the first time in TNA's history!
The filming will include 2 episodes of Impact Wrestling which is usual for tapings but will be something new for the UK fans who will be experiencing this for the first time. Not only is this a privilege for the UK to host Impact but for those two TV shows the feeling will be totally different to that of the Impact Zone, hopefully the excitement and scale will come across more like a PPV event and encourage TNA to take Impact back on the road around America and back to the UK in the future.

Wrestling Matters

For those unable to attend the Impact taping and Wembley like ourselves, I wouldn't be too disheartened, the talent listed on show will be provide an excellent evening out and house shows generally provide a better quality of match as things do not need to be crammed in or happen to move along a storyline.
Looking at the announced names we have an idea of the match ups that we will likely see, chances are the Nottingham and Manchester shows will vary, but this is our guess on what will be on the cards:

Hulk Hogan / Sting / Storm vs Roode / Angle / Bully Ray
Crimson / Morgan vs Samoa Joe / Magnus
Kazarian vs A.J Styles
Gail Kim / Madison Rayne vs Mickie James / Tara
Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley 
Doug Williams vs Gunner 

There are a number of possible match ups that could occur over the events and I'm sure most fans would be happy with any of them, Samoa Joe has a title shot which he earned on Xplosion which will also be cashed in on the tour and don't be surprised if more wrestlers than advertised turn up to the show!

All in all this tour is bringing most of TNA's biggest names, Hulk Hogan is only there for selling power but it seems to have worked and gained media interest in the tour, Sting will be in his last ever matches on these shores and a roster full of talent will be making for three entertaining evenings, see you all in the stands!


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