TNA 2012 Maximum Impact Pre Tour

Hulkamania is Running Wild in the UK

The TNA Maximum Impact tour is only days away and the promotion has kicked into full hype mode, the key face of this push is one man, not the World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode, not the Icon Sting whose last tour it will be to these shores but the poster boy for this tour is the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

Where as using Hogan to sell tickets and gain interest in the product isn't totally a bad thing as TNA are using their asset of having the biggest name in pro wrestling within their arsenal but it does take away from others such as Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode who could have done other appearances with the benefit that they are in and around the current main angles and will be in the matches people will be paying to see.
Whilst promoting the tour to sell the remaining tickets and plug Impact Wrestling with Hogan has been generating interest the choice of avenues has been a little odd, first an appearance on London Tonight which being regional can only be a last push at the Wembley tickets although it means anybody outside of the capital missed this selective choice, the second being ITV's Loose Women which was obviously targeting the wider audience although there the demographic of Loose Women to Impact Wrestling is very different with very little cross over appeal and finally Talk Sport radio which is where you would actually expect to hear about wrestling and is appealing to the right audience, especially as Mickie James has previously appeared in the radio station.  
Despite being on in random places promotion is promotion and putting the word out there that Impact Wrestling is the highest rating wrestling show in the UK will garner interest from fans who maybe have fallen out of wrestling or even bring in new fans as they are making a big point of making the UK part of their future plans. 

Brussels Live Event

The European tour kicked of in Brussels on the 24/01 and served up a card which is likely to be similar to those seen across the UK, if this is the case we are more excited than we were before!

Austin Aries defeated Alex Shelley and Mark Haskins to retain the X Division Championship
Gunner defeated Douglas Williams
Crimson defeated Samoa Joe 
Mickie James & Tara defeated Madison Rayne & Gail Kim
A.J Styles defeated Bully Ray
Bobby Roode defeated James Storm and Kurt Angle to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

TNA have a history of putting on PPV quality cards on the UK house shows so we all have something to look forward to although we have been hyped for this tour since tickets went on sale! 


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