Trash Talking: TNA's MVP's

Every week on Impact Wrestling members of the roster come down to the ring to entertain, fans have their favourites to cheer and to heckle, sometimes we are treated to epic encounters or crowd sprawling brawls whilst other times it may be a squash match or extended promo, everybody is used in a different way to create an all round program that will have something for everyone, so here we are looking at those who don't always get the praise they deserve for the excellent work they are doing. 

It's easy to look through the roster and name the likes of Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy and James Storm as some of the main guys in TNA as they are the main babyfaces, all three get huge pops every time their music hits and the crowd always wants to see them overcome the odds and win, that is why this list is in the majority made up of heel's who often get overlooked by many fans as they either don't connect with them or just despise them, but without the work of these then the fan favourites would have a much harder job to do to make you cheer. 

Do You Know Who I Am? 

Bully Ray has been one of TNA's greatest assets since he turned his back on Devon back in 2010, he went on to become one of the major players in Immortal and has had a major hand in the success of some of TNA's Heavyweight Champions. 
Bully has yet to win a singles title but has been in the final two of the Bound For Glory series twice now, coming up short against Jeff Hardy last week and Bobby Roode last year,  but in both matches he made his opponent look like a serious challenge for the champion at Bound For Glory. As well as putting these two over on their way to the main event he also has been the stepping stone for Austin Aries who defeated Ray at the Sacrifice PPV in May and was the result that really elevated Aries out of the X Division and into the Heavyweight picture. 
Although impressive in the ring, Calfzilla's best attribute is when he has a mic in hand, although sometimes he doesen't need one to be heard. His promo's can bring instant heat and despite sometimes being seen as a comedy character he can also bring a serious edge when needed to. The crowd love to jeer Ray and wind him up with chants whether it be a 'Devon's Better' or a 'You're A Pussy' but this is where he thrives and works the crowd by reacting and interacting. 
Bully is the alpha heel in TNA right now, dare I say even in the whole industry, he is an excellent all- rounder and deserves a singles title to show fans he is actually the real deal. 

The 'IT' Factor

Bobby Roode has come a long way in the last year and a large part of that is due to becoming the longest reigning TNA Heavyweight Champion, holding the belt for 256 days. 
Roode was weakened by his loss to Kurt Angle in last years Bound For Glory main event but his turn on James Storm to win the title weeks later sure as hell made up for it. Roode went on to retain the belt by any means and despite fans tiring of his cowardliness it was a refreshing change of pace for a champion.  
In his run at the top his matches were all main event worthy overcoming a number of the top names in the company including Sting, although his matches will be more remembered for there gimmick endings rather than the quality that lead up to that point.
It is fair to say that Roode's 'Beer Money Inc' partner James Storm has become one of the companies biggest faces over the last year and even lead all the way through the BFG series, but a big part of this is down to Roode and his interactions with his ex tag team partner, with the expected grudge match likely to take place at this years Bound For Glory event they will be looking to raise each others profiles further and raise the roof in Phoenix.

The World Tag Team Champions of the World

Forget the nonsense with Claire Lynch, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have been my personal highlight of TNA for the last few months, there in-ring performances have been the typical high standard that is expected from the duo whilst their mic work was the highlight of the drama between themselves, A.J. and Lynch.
Since they won the tag titles from Samoa Joe and Magnus at Sacrifice the two haven't actually had that many matches as a duo with Daniels facing off against Styles in singles action and being apart of the BFG Series, but the two stole the show in defeat against Styles and Angle at Slammiversary, regained their titles a few weeks later and again stole the show at No Surrender, it is likely that a rematch will occur at Bound For Glory which should be just as excellent as the previous bouts.
From their letter in the back of issue 691 of the Amazing Spider-man to their face off with Hogan and Sting on Impact a few weeks ago, this duo have been outshining everybody on the roster, they have the responsibility to build the tag division around them and if their match with Chavo and Hernandez is anything to go by then they can pull the best out of other teams giving the division a slight hope.

I cant help but mention this last on as he always gives his all to the company even if he is injured and that is the legend that is Kurt Angle, but in the mean time make mine an Appletini! 


pictures by: Impact Wrestling (http://www.facebook.com/ImpactWrestling/photos)

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