The Top Five Suspects Behind Aces & Eights

5. Abyss/Joseph Park

What are the hallmarks of the Aces & Eights? Masks, hoods, brutality. All of which could be easily used to describe our favourite Monster. Abyss, as a character, has been M.I.A. for months now, sparking the arrival of his "brother" Joseph Park. At the tail end of a feud with Bully Ray, Park miraculously performed a Black Hole Slam, the signature move of Abyss, and despite multiple parties asking what happened, the mystery remains unsolved. In recent weeks, Park has re-emerged on Impact Wrestling, investigating the Aces & Eights group at the behest of authority figures, Hulk Hogan and Sting. But, it was Park himself that wanted such a role. Who's to say he's not holding up the investigation to delay the truth getting out about his "brother".

4. Hulk Hogan

While the Immortal One may seem to be the least likely suspect, after having endured a severe beating at their hands, something about his actions since returning have felt off. Even back at the beginning, we never actually saw the beating that left Hogan on the shelf for the next couple of months. In recent weeks, he's been sporting his trademark NWO beard, taking frequent phone calls from Aces & Eights and outright defending captured members from a legitimately pissed off World Champion. It'd be pretty lame for TNA to fall back on ANOTHER Hogan heel turn, but I don't see that stopping them. Over the years, Hogan has made grabs for power in every way, shape and form. Even with the title of General Manager on his desk, are we sure that's enough for the Hulkster?

3. Bully Ray

This is clearly the most obvious choice of the entire roster. Bully is the best damn heel in the business at the moment and yet something about the situation with Aces & Eights inspires him to be heroic? It just doesn't add up. He's always first to point fingers, he's always the first to chase them off (yet never actually lay a finger on them) and don't think we didn't notice how they've never targeted him. If that wasn't enough, how obnoxious was his forced fist bump with Austin Aries. The only reason I'm not outright condemning Bully is because he's TOO obvious a choice. Maybe I'm giving the TNA booking committee too much credit, but right now a blind man could point to Bully Ray being the mastermind, so I trust they realise this and he's not.

2. Eric Bischoff

Ever since being "fired" from TNA, losing the right to the Bischoff name and his son Garrett being granted a contract on the Impact Wrestling roster, you have to imagine Eric is off biding his time somewhere, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and regain all the power he lost. Why did Aces & Eights target Sting and Hogan first? Because they were instrumental in his downfall. Also consider that this is the man notorious for having organised WCW Road Wild, the pay-per-view event where the crowd was exclusively made up of bikers. It can't simply be a coincidence that a gang of bikers have struck up base in the heart of the Impact Zone.

1. Jeff Jarrett

Think back to the very first attack by the Aces & Eights group and tell me, who did they assault? Sting. Right in the middle of his acceptance speech for his spot in the TNA Hall of Fame. Before Slammiversary, absolutely everyone thought the first inductee to this new Hall of Fame had to be Jeff Jarrett, it HAD to be. The man founded the company and is a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion. Without Jeff Jarrett, there would be no TNA, no Impact, no Xplosion, no nothing. So can we really trust a notoriously proud man to sit back and do nothing as that first spot goes to...Sting? As far as we know, Jeff Jarrett is doing approximately nothing at the moment. It's quiet on the TNA front, it's quiet on the Ring Ka King front, just what exactly is Jeff Jarrett doing with his time? This is not a man to sit idly by and watch as Hulk Hogan runs HIS wrestling promotion.

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