Rumour: TNA to pull Impact Wrestling off the road?

Less than a year after leaving the Impact Zone, rumour has it that TNA are considering taking Impact Wrestling off the road once again, returning to a single location for all future tapings.

Several venues have been mooted. Most notably, returns to either Orlando's Universal Studios or the Nashville Fairgrounds. The one new locale mentioned was Las Vegas, but this has been widely discredited due to the elevated costs of operating and the company's obvious disappointment at the attendance figures drawn earlier this year.

It is claimed they plan to put this new cost-cutting measure into effect by early 2014 at the latest. Most likely to coincide with the impending UK tour, which allows them to tape an entire month's worth of programming inside of a single week.

Clem's Take: There's no good way to spin this move. Professional wrestling has traditionally been a touring industry and in six short months, TNA have proved themselves unable to sustain such a schedule. Based on their recent circumstances (mass releases, late pay, poor attendance), they have little choice but to concede. Rather than look at the negative aspects though, I look forward to the return of a stabilised company, one which doesn't have rumours of near bankruptcy surrounding it on a daily basis. I know the vast majority of fans would loathe a return to the Impact Zone, but that fact of the matter is it provided the company with a firm foundation for eight years and could easily do so again. It could be looked upon as a cowardly move, but I prefer to look at it as a tactical retreat. They may lose the battle, but they'll still be in the war.

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