News: TNA releases Matt Morgan

The 'DNA of TNA' is no longer.

TNA Wrestling have announced via Twitter that they have granted Matt Morgan a release from his contract.

Morgan was last seen on the June 13th episode of Impact Wrestling in a losing effort against Magnus, Rob Terry and Kenny King.

It's reported that Morgan has been requesting his release for some time, after being used infrequently in the past several years. His last major push saw him lose to Sting in an Impact Wrestling main event for a shot at Bully Ray's World Heavyweight Championship.

Clem's Take - I can't really blame the guy. TNA have always loved Morgan, but never entirely known what to do with him. His strongest period was the series of pay-per-view main events against a heel Jeff Hardy, but despite the faith of the company, Morgan failed to build up any significant momentum and the Title ultimately remained with the Anti-Christ. However, my personal favourite angle was when he became Tag Team Champion and began systematically wiping out every replacement partner the company sent in his direction. Recently, his being gifted Hulk Hogan's cloak hinted at something bigger in the pipeline, but he was quickly placed in a makeshift tag team with Joey Ryan and promptly forgotten. It's a shame they never found a niche for him, but I won't be missing him either.

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