News: Rob Van Dam attends WWE Hall of Fame

As shown in the picture above, former TNA star, Rob Van Dam, is in attendance for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at Madison Square Garden tonight.

The multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion is said to be at MSG strictly to support his close friend, Booker T, but rumours continue to swirl around his current contract status.

In the past few days, Van Dam has been quoted as looking forward to his impending return to television, but refused to clarify which promotion he meant.

He was last seen (live) on the February 28th episode of Impact Wrestling, whereby he dropped the X Division Championship to current holder, Kenny King. TNA have since aired the taped 'One Night Only: X-Travaganza' special, featuring his final match with long-time rival, Jerry Lynn.

CLEM'S TAKE: I couldn't blame Van Dam if he'd chosen to return to the WWE in the twilight of his career. As they would offer him vast amounts of money, much more so than TNA. But I'd be careful, as they'll make him work all the harder for it, what with their brutal travel schedule, covering three hour Raws, two hour Smackdowns and numerous single hour shows. Not to mention, his glory days are unfortunately behind him. So any aspirations of returning to the heights of his 2006 WWE Title reign are pipe dreams at best.

The three obvious examples of talents returning from TNA to WWE he should bear in mind are Mick Foley, Booker T and Kevin Nash. All three have been rewarded monetarily I'm sure, but once the novelty of having them on the show wears off (after a week or two), they may as well have never come back in the first place. You're either an Announcer, a General Manager or sat at home cashing in your Legends contract like a pensioner. None of which sound like Van Dam's style.

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