News: TNA Announce New 'One Night Only' Themes

Today, VIP ticket holders to the latest round of 'One Night Only' pay-per-views were informed of the three day taping schedule. Taking place across March 17th to 19th, TNA will film the following specials for undisclosed future release.

Sunday, March 17

1:00pm - Knockout Knockdown: Crowning the true “Queen” of TNA.

7:00pm - TNA 10 Reunion: A celebration of the stars from the past 10 years of TNA.

Monday, March 18

1:00pm - Tag Team Tournament: To determine the greatest Tag Team in TNA history.

7:00pm - World Cup of Wrestling: Teams of wrestlers from around the globe compete in Heavyweight, X Division, Tag Team Division and Knockout Division matches.

Tuesday, March 19

1:00pm - Hardcore Justice 2: Hardcore rules for the stars of Hardcore wrestling

7:00pm - Heavyweight Title Tournament: The top World Champions in TNA history battle to determine the greatest of all time.

Clem's Opinion: These are all fantastic themes for the 'One Night Only' specials and have my absolute attention, even if they have been taped and sat on a shelf for months. Each show highlights an important area of TNA and gives them the undivided spotlight for the evening. Not to mention, gives each division a well-deserved pat on the back for their ten year contribution to the company.

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