Impact Projections

Written by Rob Poulloin

After a month of pre recorded television from the UK, Impact Wrestling returns live and from the Impact Zone to push home the first Pay-Per-View of the new line-up, 'Lockdown'. Usually I'm not one for 'fantasy booking' but at the end of the last London Impact a few thing's didn't sit right with me which I doubt will be addressed so thought I would project (rather than predict) the next few weeks of TV leading into Lockdown and loosely setting up my Slammiversary.  

My biggest gripes with the final taping from London were that none of the eight who had competed for a number one contender shot against Jeff Hardy were bothered that they had been overlooked in favour of  the Hulkster's 'son-in-law' Bully Ray who wasn't even considered until he came to Hogan's rescue against Ace's & Eights, and when the group of Bully, Hogan and Sting were overrun by A&E's at the end of the show nobody came to their assistance for the save, I know the idea was to have the group standing strong (for once), but the fact Angle and Joe had issues earlier in the show with Brisco and Bischoff yet didn't show points to a large hole in logical booking.

Heading into this weeks Impact (28/02) I would tackle the issue's at hand before setting up the PPV hype, I would start the show with Sting in the ring stating Hogan is unable to be there due to injuries sustained by Aces & Eights and then stating his disappointment that the locker room sat back when the GM was being attacked, the eight wrestlers overlooked for the title shot should all then appear and ask the question "why should they care when Hogan doesn't care about them", this should then bring out Devon laughing to himself stating that he love's seeing the destruction caused by the group and that he has his team in place for Lockdown whilst asking Sting where his are.

During the show a few more matches should be made for Lockdown including a Knockouts Championship match with Tara getting her rematch after losing the title to Velvet Sky and set-up for a tag team number one contenders match between Bad Influence and Tex Mex on next weeks Impact. Matt Morgan should also make his return backstage claiming he liked what A&E did to Hogan but it should have been him who did it. Angle and Joe would also face off against Bischoff and Brisco in a tag match with A&E cheating to victory. Magnus should also have a promo saying it's good to be back in the US after months away and that he has unfinished business with A&E's.

Jeff Hardy should make his comeback at the top of the first hour stating he would be on Sting's team if he wasn't defending his championship, Bully Ray would then come down and make the same statement to his 'partner' Sting, reminiscing the history the two have made together in classic encounters Bully should end strong stating his intentions to become champion whilst also laying down a challenge for revenge against A&E, questing if Hardy really wants revenge, thus setting up a main event of Bully / Sting /Hardy vs Devon / DOC / Mr Anderson.

During the main event Hardy will be taken out by Bully inadvertently and A&E would play the numbers game, the match would be thrown out and the three take a beat down, in a difference to last week James Storm, Magnus, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe would attempt the save with the action spilling across the arena and then Matt Morgan would eventually come to the ring, clearing off the rest of A&E and then hitting the Carbon Footprint on both Devon and Sting to end the show.

The following week (07/03) would see Hogan make his return along with Sting and focus on Lethal Lockdown saying he has patched up his relationships and has asked some wrestler to team up with him, Devon would then appear and say that he doubts any one would want to help these two but if they do there is the small matter of the order of the match to work out, Hogan says that's next on the agenda so there will be four matches with all members, the headline of the show will be the captains facing off but starting now will be.. Samoa Joe. Devon would then send Bischoff who would eventually be defeated.

The show would progress with Hogan only showing his hand before each match, it would unfold to be Magnus vs. Mike Knox and Matt Morgan vs. DOC. Before Morgan gets announced Hogan would have a back stage segment with James Storm who says he wants to be in the match and questions how he can trust 'him', but he says he has other plans and sets up Storm vs. Anderson for the PPV. Knox would beat Magnus by cheating and Morgan/ DOC would end up in a double count out leading into the main event where Devon would beat Sting to gain advantage in Lethal Lockdown.

Away from Lethal Lockdown Hardy would question Bully Rays actions on the previous show setting up  a face off and tension between the two, the X Division would be represented to set up a title match and further advancements would be made on the Tag and Knockouts titles matches.

Leading into Lockdown my PPV card would look like:

World Heavyweight Championship  
Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray  

Lethal Lockdown
Team TNA (Sting, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Matt Morgan)
Aces & Eights (Devon, Bischoff, Knox and DOC)

Mr Anderson vs. James Storm

Tag Team Championship
Aries & Roode
Bad Influence
Guerrero & Hernandez

Knockouts Championship
Velvet Sky vs. Tara

X Division Championship
Kenny King
Joey Ryan
Zema Ion

I'll leave you to decide who would win what at the PPV as I don't want to project to far into the future as I'm sure by tonight's Impact I will be totally wrong! I hope you all enjoyed or at least agreed with what I would book to a certain degree. 

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