Trash Talking: TNA British Boot Camp

In September TNA announced that they would be pairing up with Challenge TV to create a new television show exclusive to the channel called TNA British Boot Camp. The show air in December and will be a six part series which will follow four British wrestlers who are looking to crack the American market, they will enter TNA's developmental system, receive training from the likes of Rollerball Rocco and 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan and will wrestle in the Impact zone in an aim to impress judges who will include Dixie Carter. The 'winners' of the show will be awarded a contract with TNA and a spot on the Maximum Impact tour in January. 

The Finalists

We're not entirely sure of the details but the four wrestlers who have been put through to the show are being labelled as 'finalists', these are Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins.
Scurll facing off against LDRS team mate Zack Sabre Jr 

Scurll is well known as half of the tag team LDRS of New School with Zack Sabre Jr, with the pair becoming one of the best teams in the country, but solo Marty has also shown he is also one of the best cruiserweights which shows as he became the first ever Southside Speed King Champion and is also the IPW:UK Cruiserweight Champion.

Rockstar Spud is considered the smallest wrestler in the UK but don't let his size fool you as he is highly decorated in with many championships from many different promotions and is one of the best mic workers on the scene.

The Blossom Twins make up the finalists, Hannah and Holly have worked for TNA's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling and have both held the OVW Women's Championship as well as being apart of Pro-Wrestling EVE and wrestling some of the best females around including the likes of Mickie James.

Guest Opinion 

Recently I had the chance to talk to Southside Wrestling promoter Ben Auld and took the opportunity to ask him his opinions regarding the new show... 
"The show is a good idea, it is exciting that British Wrestling is getting out there and receiving main stream publicity and that people will see it being on a channel that is heavily linked with TNA anyway." 
Rockstar Spud knows how to work the crowd

When asked about the finalists Ben replied "I'm surprised they have only selected four, I would have thought it would have been more but without knowing the details of the show it may not fit what they are after, there is plenty of talent who could have made it including the likes of Stixx, El Ligero, Noam Dar, MK McKinnen, Nikki Storm and Alpha Female to name just a few. The cruiserweights in the UK are excellent which is probably why they have chosen two, especially as there are not many top heavyweights compared to the US market. The four that have been picked are likely to be seen as having more of an all-round package with Spud being one of the best talkers and cleverest workers in the industry, Marty being on of the best wrestlers and the Blossom Twins being a unique pairing as well as being two of the best females."

As pleased as Ben is for the wrestlers as a promoter he has some concerns for his own business... "there may be a negative impact on the business as I may lose some of my biggest names, there is a chance that Marty may have to pull out of shows that he is already scheduled for and being my Speed King Champion it is difficult to change plans, especially when championship matches are booked.There are possible advantages however due to the greater exposure received, if the show is a success then having Marty and Spud on the card could be a major draw for fans who don't usually pay attention to the UK scene although Spud has already demanded his wages are quadrupled". 

With it being unclear how the show will actually be won Ben struggled picking an overall winner... "I can't help but think Spud but I'm unsure, he's a better talker but it depends on the criteria they are being judged against, all four can wrestle and shouldn't have any issues adapting to the US, from a promotion stand point I don't want to lose my talent but on the other side I would like one of my guys to make it to the big time, we are all friends and I want to see them all do well."

It's good to see more British wrestlers being given the chance to shine, there is a great deal of talent that people don't see unless they go to the UK promotions shows, some of the finalists are still booked to be on some shows including some Southside shows and I highly advise to go check them out as well as some of the other great talents on the card.
Hopefully 'Bootcamp' wont be a one off but will become a yearly showcase for talent and will put the British market back on the map!


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