What If? Aries Wins the Big One

On Impact Austin Aries did what we all expected him to and rightfully so took his spot in the main event at Destination X to take on Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship but what if 'The Greatest Man To Ever Live' actually bests Bobby Roode? 

Aries with the X Division Championship
As pointed out in 'Long Term Booking' the Bound For Glory main event is likely going to be a Roode vs. Storm to pay off their year long feud starting which started with 'The Cowboy' defeating Kurt Angle the Impact after last years Bound For Glory event, but for the ultimate pay off Roode will have to keep the title until this years event which doesn't bode well for Aries, but if Aries wins at Destination X the Bound For Glory card and series starts to take very different shape.

If Aries did indeed pin or make Roode tap out with the last chancery at Destination X it is likely the main events at Hardcore Justice and No Surrender would be rematches of some sorts, as everyone besides Sting will be tied up with the BFG series. This offers the chance for Roode to gain back his position as top dog in the company but another title switch would weaken the creditability that Roode has given the championship by holding it for so long.

So with A Double heading into the biggest PPV of the year with the main gold around his waist, who would his opponent be? Obviously someone from the BFG series but it opens up the competition although it is relatively safe to say that Robbie E isn't on the list to win the tournament this time round, The Pope seems like an outside bet due to him being out of action for so long and Magnus is still learning the ropes and could be a top TV Champion at the minute with a view of becoming Heavyweight Champion a few years down the line.

This leaves a list of wrestlers who could all put on different but equally as good matches with 'TGMTEL' ranging from Mr Anderson to Kurt Angle to Christopher Daniels. Having had one of the best matches at Sacrifice a rematch with Bully Ray would make for a great main event at BFG, there is previous between the two and Ray has been one of the most consistent performers in TNA for the last year, even elevating Roode to main event status at last years No Surrender event in the BFG series tiebreaker. This match is unlikely to happen though as things are building to Ray facing off against Abyss and would have the biggest pay off being held off until the biggest event of the year. 

James Storm could go ahead and win the series and try and regain the title he lost, he certainly has the lead already amassing over half the points that saw him finish forth last year and being one of the companies biggest faces certainly makes sense, although the feeling that Roode and Storm will face each other at BFG won't go away so even without the championship, a grudge match between the two, maybe in a number one contenders match would add depth to the card and a pay off as such to their feud which could be picked up again any time in the future.

Kurt Angle and A.J Styles would also both provide Aries with strong competition but as they are both Tag Team Champion's at present it wouldn't make much sense booking wise for either to go on and win the series unless TNA were looking at making the tag division more like the Ring of Honor set-up. Christopher Daniels seems more focused with A.J than the title shot on offer so we will likely see the conclusion of their year long feud; if it doesn't peek before and hopefully no screwdrivers will be involved again.
Slammiversary X saw Aries and Joe lock up.

That leaves the trio who have been having multiple matches with each other to become the number one contender of Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson, either one has every opportunity to win the BFG series as all three have had multiple chances of becoming champion this year and all have been previous holders of the belt, the other option is the final name in the competition, Samoa Joe.
Joe had an excellent and competitive match with Aries at Slammiversary which could be argued as the best of the night, again providing the BFG main event with a bit of history, although these two locking up again is an exciting enough prospect as it is, both ex ROH World Champions, both previous X Division Champions and one previous TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This would also be a big turnaround for Joe who would be making up for his terrible showing in last years BFG series as he ended on minus points where he looked done with the company and now could be back where he belongs in the main event. 

If Aries did go onto beat Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship, whether it be at Destination X or one of the other events before Bound For Glory it just goes to show that an exciting card can still be made, so here's hoping for Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe in the main event come October! 

Written by: @Robbie_G_CH
Photos by: Impact Wrestling (http://www.facebook.com/ImpactWrestling

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