An Evening of Wrestling and Darts

This past Wednesday evening I spent the time doing something different, something that I had never done before and probably will never likely do again, I answered the call of an open invitation and spent the evening in the company of the one and only TNA ring announcer and host of Xplosion and the Spin Cycle, Jeremy Borash.
Posing with JB

As I said this came about as JB sent out a tweet on Tuesday announcing a free event, luckily for me this event was just up the road from my house at Rileys Sports Bar, so why would I not attend? Making my way to the location I was going through possibilities in my head, World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode was in the Dublin the day before so why couldn't he be in Leicester the next day? 

After entering the venue and looking around all I could see was people playing darts and very little amount of people who looked like they knew anything about wrestling, but there in the corner was JB. As I made my way over there were a few other fans around him, but he took the time to talk to us all, gave us all some free merchandise, signed a personalised photo card for all of us and allowed photos, which culminated in a group shot.

After the initial meeting we were told that the Xplosion camera's would be out in a bit, but first Mr Borash needed to eat so in this time whilst darts were played in the background (and later found out PDC player Paul Nicholson was one of the people playing) I spent the time talking to fellow wrestling fans about a whole range of subjects wrestling related, with a surprisingly strong call for Mr Anderson to become the new World Champion and a non so surprising Austin Aries being everybody's current highlight of Impact Wrestling. 

You Ain't On The List Bro!  

The Xplosion camera soon came out, not so much a camera crew but JB with his camera, he called us up one at a time to ask us various questions, being the first to go I was asked for my favourite TNA wrestlers, the history of the Roode shirt I was sporting and finally my opinions on Robbie E and the list, this appeared to be a current theme from all the 'interviews' . 
With the camera away conversation was continued with JB answering any question we had for him, he did confirm that Ric Flair and Alex Shelley have left TNA among other things, but if you want to know anything else then you have to ask him yourself; and with his girlfriend also showing an excellent knowledge of the squared circle and talking about many memories from WCW and providing as good a conversation as Borash himself, especially regarding Jericho's 1004 holds. 

JB challenging The Asset 
After revealing this event had been very last minute and was essentially gate-crashing 'The Asset' Paul Nicholson's (@theasset180) darts event, JB was called into action and was soon throwing darts with the PDC star. The connection between the two started to make more sense after Nicholson hit a 180 and then when collecting his darts used the 'RVD' thumb pose, a nice show with probably half the room not understanding the reference. 
Soon after the match in which even with a helping hand JB couldn't quite win, a Q&A session was opened, with most of the questions aimed at Paul which is understandable with the nature of the evening and most people being there to meet him and not really knowing who 'the American' was. Towards the end of the questions Nicholson declared that he doesn't like Bully's and started shooting on Bully Ray, Borash then continued the theme from the questions he asked us and asked for Paul's opinions on Robbie E, which looks like it may have consequences and continue all the way to the UK tour next January if the twitter feud continues.

With Xplosion on the TV the night concluded with a few darts thrown and a few drinks downed, an excellent time was had and JB, the lovely Jade O'Malley and Paul Nicholson were all great to talk to and had time for everybody, I thank them and all in attendance for an excellent evening and if you ever get the opportunity to attend a similar event then do not hesitate to go. Finally if JB does read this - the offer of a pint still stands. 


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