Impact Wrestling Intro Breakdown

Last weeks episode of Impact started rather differently, not in the way of a promo or a match but the intro video was different and new, long gone are the studio shots with blue steam as they have been replaced with footage from live shows with the in ring action showing off more of the crowd than the tight angles that were used before. 

Re-watching the old intro for reference as it was the one part of the show I never normally pay attention to, it hadn't occurred to me how much of the in-ring action highlighted was my wrestlers no longer with the company such as Mick Foley, Jesse Neal and The Young Bucks (Generation Me), although it was a surprise to see these  wrestlers at all as when they were with the company it's not like they were big players or even appeared on Impact on a regular basis. 

The new intro video actually has very little wrestling on show with a few shots of A.J. Styles vs. Daniels from what looks like the Wembley taping and a Jeff Hardy swanton, these have replaced multiple action shots with my favourite beings Angle's moonsault from the top of the cage. 

Despite the lack of actual wrestling on show; and to be honest the clue is in the name of the show what your going to get anyway; there is more prominence on the crowd and wrestlers being in front of the audience instead of a set shot which is designed to make TNA look like a big company that can draw, hopefully I sign that Impact will be taken on the road again. 

The wrestlers used are mainly of those expected,Sting, A.J. and Bobby Roode are the first few that you see and seen as Sting and Roode have been two of the main players in the last half a year that is fully justified, its slightly surprising that A.J. is seen above the champ but he has been the face of TNA for 10 years so it's not totally out of place. The next shot did take me aback a little as it's half of the tag team champions... nope not Joe but Magnus, this shows how much of a push he is receiving at the moment as he is also the Heavyweight Champion in Ring Ka King. There are a few shots that have been recycled from the old intro, but why waste resources cutting a new clip when the old clip shows off what you are still trying to show off. 

I have been surprised by a few inclusions and exclusions in the intro montage, the main one being Rob Van Dam who hasn't been on TV since taking a DDT on concrete from Gunner at Genesis and has been rumoured to be heading back to WWE, yet he appears twice in this montage which suggests he isn't going anywhere. Others on show include Mexican America ring leader Hernandez who also hasn't been seen in months and is apparently setting up his own wrestling organisation and Mr Anderson who I had forgotten about but the Asshole will be returning to Impact next week. The main wrestler missing is Abyss and although he is missing in story terms has been a big part of TNA for years and can lead to debate of whether the character will ever appear on TV again. Another not featured is Garett Bischoff which I am not complaining about and hopefully will mean he isn't around for a long time.  

All in all a decent freshen up for Impact wrestling highlighting larger crowds and featuring stars who are all on the roster with praise they haven't followed WWE's style of putting graphics and effects taking away from what were actually there to watch which is a wrestling show.  


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