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After picking up the latest Fighting Spirit Magazine (FSM - http://www.fightingspiritmagazine.co.uk/), the article 'Trading Places' set my thoughts alight. Having been a big EWR player, among other management simulations, I couldn't stop thinking about which athletes I would draft into TNA to improve the product. The article in FSM looks at those in TNA and WWE who are being used improperly, require a fresh gimmick and those who would just fit better within the other company. They list a number of people to bring into TNA, including the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, Beth Phoenix and Jack Swagger. Whilst I agree with the trades and reasons given, I have been thinking of others who would (not necessarily for personal reasons) better TNA.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin - ROH

File:19a.-TWGTT-Haas-&-Benjamin-Postmatch-crop,-RLA-Melb-10.11.2007.jpgWith Beer Money going their separate ways and the World Heavyweight Title coming between Storm and Roode, there are now only a handful of recognisable teams left in what was once an exciting cornerstone of the company. WGGT would fill the hole that Beer Money have vacated and unlike other teams, fans will recognise the pair from their time with WWE, either as singles or as a team; depending on how far back people can remember as TWGTT or Team Angle. As such, they would not have to be built up as other new teams coming into the company would be.
WGTT could enter the division and immediately mix it up with the current teams on the roster, provide entertaining matches and elevate the division back to the point where Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns were prominent parts of TV and PPV shows. 
Haas and Benjamin have proved themselves a top team and would fit perfectly into the TNA tag division. Both are also accomplished in their own right, should they ever wish to pursue a single's career. They would bring a much needed stability and excitement to the division,  providing entertaining match ups with a number of the current teams on the roster. 

Jack Evans - AAA

File:Jack Evans handstand.jpgA face and name known to TNA fans after his exceptional performances in the build up to and the contract match at Destination X, where he lost out to Austin Aries. Although, despite losing out, he was the one name on all the fans lips and even trended on twitter after his first appearance on Impact Wrestling.
Evans would fit right into the X Division and would put on show-stealing matches with a number of the talent already in the division, whether it be a title match against Austin Aries or rivalries with Jesse Sorenson or Zema Ion. He is the athlete that every fan wanted  on the roster when the X Division was relaunched and would be a welcome addition to the roster.

CM Punk - WWE

File:CM Punk WWE Champion.jpgNot that TNA needs any more top tier talent, but who wouldn't want CM Punk in the main event of a TNA PPV? I was excited when his contract was up in WWE and the slight possibility this move could happen, but more fool me. 
WWE, historically, prefer the big man in their main event, which makes Punk the odd one out. However, his size and in-ring style would fit perfectly into TNA. For instance, he could have a number of high profile matches with his old ROH rivals in A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels and  Samoa Joe. All of which, in my view, have potential to be match of the year.
There is little else that needs to be said about Punk, as his jumping ship would be as massive as Bret Hart moving to WCW in 1997. 

Chris Jericho 

File:Chris Jericho Milwaukee WI 031008.jpgThe legend who would be great in TNA. Like Punk, his size and in ring style are perfect to mix it up with the talent currently on the TNA roster and I personally would love to see one last Jericho / Angle match up.
Despite being the first Undisputed Champion in WWE, I have always felt that Jericho has been mistreated by not being utilised in a position he deserves.

Not only being a top draw, he would also be able to boost the stock of some younger athletes by being paired with them in singles match ups. His credibility and draw would boost TNA and bring along a number of viewers who wouldn't normally bother converting from WWE. Which, in turn, would generate a lot of media attention. 

Sadly, this is all fantasy trading, some are more likely to happen than others, but if TNA want to overturn WWE as the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, then these are the sort of acquisitions that would help. I have nothing against building up your own talent and hell, TNA have a lot of talented guys already on their roster, but one or two additions in the right places (especially in the tag team division), would freshen things up and hopefully bring in more viewers.   

Robbie G

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