Bound For Glory: The Preview

We are only days away from the biggest date in the TNA Impact Wrestling calendar, the marquee Pay Per View event for the company, Bound For Glory and the excitement is building up here at Canned Heat so what better time to have a look at the event on paper match by match and hopefully get everybody as excited as we are for this blockbuster event. 

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: 
Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Where better place to start than the main event of the evening, the match that has been building up since June when the BFG series was announced, 12 wrestlers had the opportunity for this shot but it was Beer Money's Booby Roode who came up trumps once the dust had settled. In very much a 'Rocky' way Roode has been billed as the underdog, going into the BFG series carrying a shoulder injury but overcoming all the odds and looking every bit the main eventer on the road to this match which if this were a movie he would end up with the gold around his waist come Sunday night but Kurt Angle is the best for a reason and wont be so easy to overcome, especially in his home state. 
This match has potential to be the match of the year, Roode has shown over the last few months that he can step up with the best in the business and Kurt being one of the all time greats always brings his A game and will want to show why he is the best and add another scalp to his collection as he looks to extend his title reign. 
With this match being yet another Immortal vs. Fortune battle it runs the potential to suffer from a run in which I hope management has decided to go against as far too many matches recently have suffered from multiple run in's and with this being the grandest scale would cheapen the result and the PPV as a whole as both of these guys have what it takes to put on a classic one on one match with no interruptions. 
The two should rise to the challenge and blood sweat and tears will be shed in the most unpredictable and exciting title match of the last year!

Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

10 years ago we would have been billing this battle as the biggest of the year but it is hard to be excited about this 'match'. Hogan said on Impact that he will be fighting Sting rather than wrestling him, but it has been months in the making and I can't help but feel it will be the biggest anticlimax the business has seen in a long time.
The only compelling thing about this match is the fact Hogan said the fate of the company will depend on the result, with him giving up control if Sting wins which would end Immortals vice like grip on television time, booking and revolving door champions.
I hope these two prove me wrong and provide an entertaining match worthy of the biggest PPV, don't get me wrong as both are legends of the business but with Sting being the only active athlete in the match and Hogan only a few months after a major back operation I can't help but think this match will be a massive Immortal beat down.  

Full Metal Mayhem: 
Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

This rivalry needs no introduction as it has so much history which was reignited at Destination X and what better place to hold this match than in the ECW home town of Philadelphia!
At Destination X the two provided a solid match which was arguably RVD's best in TNA in some time and I hope the two go all out to try and steal the show in what will be a homage to ECW. The atmosphere for this match should be electric with the crowd eating up the hardcore action and I can only imagine this match will involve a number of high risk bumps that will invoke a number of 'Holy Shit' chants.
It's difficult to predict who is going to walk out the victor in this match, that is if either of them are able to walk out afterwards, but either way the crowd will be the ultimate winners.  

Falls Count Anywhere: 
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Again another match that is playing to the hardcore nature of Philadelphia and I expect these two to deliver a hard hitter all over the arena and possibly even further. The two have been at each others throats since Anderson joined Immortal and all things came to blows once Anderson dropped the title much to the displeasure of Bully Ray.
This brawl will be brutal and ones the live crowd should lap up if done correctly and should be another hit for the PPV, again it is yet another match where it is difficult to pick a winner and hopefully Bully Ray's pride will keep Immortal out of the action. Lets all start the chant now "we want tables"!

I Quit Match: 
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

The second match where the history can do it's own talking, mainly as we don't have enough room here to document it! This match has come about after the Fortune stable mates and best friends have fallen out with Daniels heel turn as he lost at Destination X and then won the rematch on Impact.
I'm not crazy about the stipulation, as I Quit matches are historically not matches that stick in the memory, mainly as they concentrate on submission moves by this may be different as AJ and Daniels are two of the best talents in TNA with a high flying approach.
AJ has never lost an I Quit match in TNA before but records are there to be broken, as both athletes bring the best out of each other so we can expect one hell of a contest and with it being the biggest stage to perform there will no doubt be some crazy bumps taken in this battle of one up man-ship and could be another show stealer.

X Division Championship:
Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick

A rematch from No Surrender with the roles reversed with the wizard of odd looking to regain the title he lost a month ago. Although it is unlikely that he will be successful as it very unusual for a title to be handed back and forth between athletes and I hope A Double has a lengthy spell with the belt around his waist.
Despite the outcome being pretty predictable the journey should be a good one as both have the ability to put on a great match, so expect some hard hits mixed with some high flying action.   

TNA Knockout Championship: 
Winter vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne

The champion, two former champions and the fan favourite who is yet to become champion, Winter will have her hands full trying to keep hold of her title. 
In very much a similar angle to the Heavyweight Championship, all of the challengers have earned their spot in this match by winning one on one matches against selected other knockouts to stamp Karen Jarret's authority over the division. 
This match should be an interesting affair as a number of conflicting attributes come into play between all the dynamic personalities entering the ring, but whether Winter uses red mist to win or Velvet Sky rises to the top for the first time in her career we will be entertained by the ability and storytelling of all four knockouts and I can not call who will come out the victor.  

World Tag Team Championship: 
Mexican American vs. Ink Inc.

I was actually looking forward to a match between two actual teams with a bit of history between them rather than a team knocked up in one show but this match has been dropped from the card onto the pre-show which is a shame although does allow the other matches more time.
Although not actually on the PPV this match should still be solid and hopefully be exciting enough to entice people to buy the event and give a good account for what is left of a tag division in TNA, it will no doubt be won by Mexican American as title very rarely change hands on a pre-show.  

Triple Threat:
Samoa Joe vs. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

The late addition to the card is no surprise as funnily enough in my first edit of this preview mentioned all three as missing from the card, so either TNA management have inside info to this blog or were just on the same wavelength. 
Although I'm sure this match will be interesting but I don't think it will add very much to the Bound For Glory card which is already stacked with what should be great matches, this could have been held back and given greater importance at Turning Point but is being showcased here most likely in an attempt for us to try and like Crimson as we all know he is going to win as that undefeated streak isn't going anywhere just yet. 
I'm glad Samoa Joe gets an outing on the biggest stage of the year but I would prefer it if he were matched with someone who would bring out the best in him, just as I am not a huge fan of 'big' guys.
The tension between all three could work out and if all three raise there game I may end up being pleasantly surprised. 

The event is solid throughout the evening and the outcomes of all the matches are unpredictable, providing run in's are kept to a minimum and clean finishes are implemented in the important matches we could be about to witness the best PPV of the year.
There are a few things missing from the card, the obvious one being the lack of a TV Title match, as TNA's second title seems to have just disappeared from the company in recent months. As we have mentioned here a few times this title needs building back up and this would have been the perfect opportunity to give someone else the belt and defend the gold week in week out. 
Besides the TV title there are a number of big names missing from the card including the likes of Gunner, James Storm and the King of the Mountain himself Jeff Jarrett to name but a few but I wouldn't be surprised if one or two showed up through out the event although hopefully not ruining any of the matches.
Jeff Hardy is also scheduled to make some sort of appearance but what capacity that will be in is anyone's guess. 
All that's left to say is roll on Sunday! (or Wednesday for us in the UK)

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