One More Chance

On Tuesday morning something happened, to some this may have happened on Sunday night, for others it would have been later on the Tuesday, for those in America it would have most likely happened the previous Thursday, Jeff Hardy came into my living room and asked me for one more chance. 

Jeff Hardy is a wrestler I grew up with, not personally but as a fan, my first memory of him is from the first PPV that I watched, the Royal Rumble 2000. Out of all the excitement from watching this PPV the tables match between the Hardys and the Dudleys sticks in my mind, especially the end of the match where Jeff risked life and limb by hitting the Swanton Bomb from a balcony. 
Over the years many memories from Jeff's matches have stuck with me, mostly involving high risk moves from ladder and cage matches and his never say die attitude which earned him respect, but unfortunately like many fans my last memory of Jeff ruins most of which has proceeded, his embarrassing display at Victory Road.  

Many fans have been divided about Jeff's plea on Impact Wrestling, but I want to give him one more chance, lets face it he is a massive draw and one TNA can not afford to let just walk away, but on top of that I felt sorry for Jeff and in his situation I would ask for the same and hope for forgiveness from my peers and fans. Not only has Jeff provided memorable and enjoyable moments over the last 10 years but hopefully in the years to come, so yes Jeff Hardy I am willing to give you one more chance. 

Now here is the tricky part, as much as I am willing to give Hardy one more chance he needs to prove himself, to earn my trust back in him, just like he showed be way back in 2002 when he took on the Undertaker when trying to prove himself as a singles wrestler. Giving him one more chance does not mean I want to see him in the title picture until he has proved himself again as for all I know a few months down the line we may end up in the same situation. TNA management need to get fans back on Jeff's side, allow him to build his way back up to the top one step at a time, I'm not saying put him in the X Division even if it will create some awesome matches, but he has to prove his worth and show that his demons are in the past, that he can again become a wrestler that I look forward to when I hear his entrance music, to cheer on and hopefully go on and create another decade of exciting memories. 

Robbie G

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