Destination X Division

On July 10th TNA present Destination X on PPV, an event to showcase the talents of the upcoming and previous stars of the high flying X Division for one night only.
The event brought back the six sided ring and also those now considered 'heavyweights' such as X Division legends A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe along with high flyer's RVD and Jerry Lynn although those still in the division such as Alex Shelley and Shannon Moore made the event a truly memorable evening. 
The main focus of the PPV was the David vs Goliath match of Brian Kendrick vs Abyss for the X Division title, the monster heading into the event with the title and under Eric Bischoff's demands to eradicate the division forever, however the rest of the division had enough of the demolition and bullying of Immortal and helped the Wizard of Odd defend of Bischoff's cronies and to regain the title for the 'little guys' and to kick start a new era for the X Division.   

Fast Forward a month and with Kendrick defending against Abyss, Aries and Shelley in various matches and a capped wight limit imposed on the division to stop the likes of Abyss reigning supremacy again the division is relaunched being backed by 'the network' with a gauntlet match is held on Impact on the 18/08 to determine the standings and number one contender of the division. 
The entrants come out one by one but surprisingly many had only been seen as defeated contestants in the Destination X tournament for a contract in which Aries won and he proved his dominance by picking up the number one contenders spot here. With the likes of Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Jesse Sorensen and Mark Haskins taking positions in the match the relaunch of the division has not only seen new limits which would mean the likes of Samoa Joe would never have been allowed in the division but also an overhaul of personnel.   
So from those he helped out Kendrick win back the title only Alex Shelley, Austin Aries and Robbie E made it into this gauntlet match leaving out a few notable names such as Amazing Red, Shark Boy, Shannon Moore and the previous champion Kazarian.
Where were they? 

Amazing Red as with Max and Jeremy Buck are no longer with the company which singles out why they were not considered for the match, Shark Boy is more of a novelty act that wouldn't have sent out the right vibes for the new and improved division but Shannon Moore who  was apart of the Ultimate X match at Destination X was overlooked, maybe there are plans for Ink Inc. to make bigger waves in the slimming tag division or maybe he just isn't considered to be apart of the top 8 X Division members. 
The biggest star overlooked was Kazarian, the Fortune member who had lost the title a few months prior to Abyss, with his absence not explained on air so it is left for the fans to work out why he was excluded, again maybe there are bigger plans for him and he is following in the footsteps of his stable mates and making the step up from the X Division after solid showings against the members of Immortal, possibly even with the Television title next in his sights.

The Future?

Although unfamiliar the future of the X Division looks bright as long as it maintains to be pushed. The additions look like they have prospect with some breathtaking displays which have added a freshness to Impact Wrestling, Kid Kash giving a familiar face and experience to the division with Zema Ion and Jesse Sorensen providing a youthful and athletic backbone and then there is Austin Aries who is the shining star of the division.
Aries is in line for a shot at Kendrick's title and it will be sooner rather than later that the belt is around his waist and likely for the foreseeable future and a likely feud with Kendrick regarding the ethics of the division are likely to continue until at least Bound For Glory if not further.  
Beyond Aries the future of the title in uncertain but with the number of new talent looking to make a name for themselves in TNA there will certainly be a queue developing to claim the silverware.
One name missing from the new class which is in every fans lips is Jack Evans who impressed and won over the crowd in the Destination X tournament. Currently plying his trade in Mexico in AAA he is a talent TNA management should be looking at to booster the ranks and the interest of the division further.
Hopefully with the fresh blood, a push and maybe one or two more additions the division can reclaim it's importance within the promotion and match it's hey day of 2005 not only being exciting to watch now but also creating future main eventers and a future for TNA that isn't reliant on previous X Division stars and WWE refugees. 

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